Since 1922 Autocorb has been dedicated to passenger transport by road in all its forms: local, intercity and private hire services.

Our final aim is to achieve excellence in the services we provide. We have implemented a continuously improving system that allows us to adapt to the most demanding expectations of our clients, as well as safeguard the environment and ensure our workers’ safety and occupational health.

The success and expectations of our clients are paramount to us, which is why we have selected a series of ideals, such as safety, quality and reliability.

As such, we apply the requirements set out in the ISO 9001, UNE 13816, ISO 14001, ISO 39001 and OHSAS standards. This way we reach the quality level established for all of the services that we place at our clients’ disposal.

We are a team of experienced professionals who put extra effort into our work on a personal level. It is this extra personal effort that puts us a step ahead of the competition.

The satisfaction of our clients is the basis of our company and we are fully committed to caring for the environment. We meet and surpass all legal requirements, following health and safety guidelines and promoting communication amongst the members of our company.

We take all our decisions ethically and act with respect for the environment (recycling, reduction of emissions and consumption) and towards the well-being and welfare of the people working at Autocorb and those coming to contact with.

At Autocorb we assure the health and safety of our employees and we are continually contributing to their training and knowledge.

September 2016

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